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Prequel -or- Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure: An Interactive Webcomic

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Prequel -or- Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure: An Interactive Webcomic

Post by Maffi on Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:52 am

Prequel's About Page wrote:PREQUEL is a story on the internet. It has been called several other things too, including “Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure“, “Everything Is A Federal Fucking Issue And Also Trying To Make You Miserable“, “Katia Managan: Alcoholic, Vasilikphobe, Adventurer“, and “Slutcat Adventures 2: Daggerfall“. All of these names are equally descriptive and accurate.

More specifically, PREQUEL is an interactive story where readers serve as the protagonist’s subconscious. It was inspired by the user command model employed by MS Paint Adventures and is based on the Elder Scrolls universe created by Bethesda Softworks, though familiarity with either of these is not necessary to understand PREQUEL. PREQUEL began as a forum thread on the MS Paint Adventures Forums, but has since been moved to its own site for readability (you are reading that site right now).

The events in PREQUEL are still decided by commands submitted in its Forum Adventure thread! If you want to potentially influence the story, sign up for the forums and leave a command in the thread. But make sure to familiarize yourself with the subforum rules, and don’t forget to check out the many other interactive stories posted there!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy reading my story about a slutty alcoholic cat who hears internet voices.

That is a sentence I never thought I would type.

So yeah, it's an interactive webcomic a la Homestuck/Jailbreak/Problem Sleuth/Bard Quest set in The Elder Scrolls universe. In particular, it's set in Cyrodiil before the events of TES IV: Oblivion. It's pretty funny and clever, and I think you should go check it out if you're into this kind of thing.

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