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Post by rockshard on Wed May 09, 2012 2:59 am

I had to say this. And I was gonna post this in the ep discussion thread but figured why not make a thread. (making threads is good, right?) The finale was pretty dumb in a number of ways. I even happened to go on a walk afterwards but as a result I just kept thinking about how wrong this ep was.

First off, of course, is the way several instances of Luna were shoehorned throughout the ep. It was done so shamelessly I actually began to wonder if maybe it was meant to be a joke.

The scene where Twilight attempted to expose Candence, was a pretty big deal to me. It was really harsh on Twilight... which I suppose is not in itself a bad thing, but there are a number of other issues I noticed with it.

First off, all her friends snuffed her.

Second, even Celestia snuffed her. (And even despite that, Celestia has the gall to come in at the end of the story and praise Twilight for trusting herself. Really, Celestia?)

but a real deal breaker is the fact that Twilight might as well have been wrong about Cadence. Because after Shiny Armor gave a totally reasonable cover story and after everyone humiliated Twilight... even she thought she was wrong. What if she was? What then?

other kind of (or possibly) weird things:

- Despite Celestia praising Twilight later on for it, at first glance Twilight didn't really accomplish anything from quote-end-quote ''knowing'' Cadence was evil, except for getting herself imprisoned. (though it ended up being a good thing since she supposedly was able to help the real Cadence escape, and I will gracefully assume the real Cadence would not have escaped otherwise)
- The changeling queen denounced Cadence's love as ridiculous, even though just moments prior, the queen herself stated herself as knowingly using love as the source of her power, and acknowledged becoming stronger than Celestia because of it.
- Lastly, remember how Discord was defeated out of nowhere simply because Twilight got her friends back? Well the same thing happened here. The show did it again! On top of that the changeling's defeat might have been even more contrived than Discord's defeat. There was kind of a point in Discord being defeated the way he was, since the main conflict of the story (getting her friends back) was resolved. But here it was.. ok, well, maybe. But it was a bit much having all the changelings in Canterlot defeated at once, and shooting them into the sky Team Rocket style. As well as the heart shaped pose.

That said, the ep has one (and perhaps only one) major redeeming quality and that is Cadence. Also there were good jokes such as how Spike kept playing with the dolls, and how he initially gave Twilight the letters in the wrong order.

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