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My little Pony: Friendship is magic Season 2 review

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My little Pony: Friendship is magic Season 2 review

It's here! Months of work, disappointment, and frustration has all come to this.

*No title card for now*

Hello again my little bronies. Welcome back to, what I believe to be, the most popular MLP blog here on GT for its sequel. Where I’ll talk about my thoughts on the 2nd season of this show.

First thing’s first. I have to tell you is that I had a lot of this done before months ago, but I was an idiot and left my Flash drive in my pants and they went through the wash and everything was destroyed. Since then I was reluctant to go back and continue.

However, as you’re reading this it’s almost time for the season finale and I owe it too everyone in the faction, and other fans, and the haters, to get back and work on this before the season’s over.

Thankfully I did an introduction already with the first season, so we get to shoot straight into the action

Season 2 Episode 1: The Return of Harmony Part 1:

Now here’s the odd thing about this and part 2. These WERE supposed to be the season finale to Season 1, and it shows that. WHY it wasn’t I haven’t quite figured out yet.

As for the episode; It gives us one of the best villains I’ve seen in a long time, however short lived. It builds up the chaos a little quickly but well enough you know everything’s gone to heck.

It was interesting to see how it happens though, Cotton candy clouds filled with chocolate rain, Corn suddenly popping and whatnot. It was also nice to see Twilight put so much hope into her magic and have it fail, something I like to see with main characters.

What stinks is that during the scene with Princess Celestia she mentions her Sister Luna having beaten Discord before, but only by name and a picture on a stained glass window. No physical appearance of her or anything, more so with the ending of this two parter. Such a shame

One of my favorite moments in the episode involves Discord as a stained glass figure flying around the castle’s windows. Great idea and done very well. It just looks awesome, and gave us a good taste of Discord.

The Maze madness is creative. We see what Discord is really capable of and watch as he twists each pony’s personality to their polar opposite. Turning Pinkie pie’s happy go lucky personality into bitter and angry, Applejack from an honest gal to a liar and so forth. It’s pretty dark for a kids cartoon when you get down to it.

It also serves as a clever Plot device where he uses Rainbow Dash’s loyalty against her to make her “cheat” and win against the heroes. Bravo Discord

Overall a good season opener/finale part 1. Quickly introduces the villain and the stakes that are in place, and ends on a cliffhanger leaving you to guess what Discord will do with the world.

New Character unlocked:


Our villain and host for the evening, one who made life in Equestria a life in hardship and kick started Celestia and Luna’s rise in power.

An instant favorite villain of mine. What Discord lacks in a bad ass appearance, he more then makes up for in bad ass personality and cleverness. With his name comes his appearance, a being made up of many different animals in chaos to create a creature, it works very well.

He seems to be incredibly strong with magic, much stronger then Twilight Sparkle since she couldn’t stop his influence in the episode, and he managed to take away her horn, along with Rarity’s and Fluttershy and Dash’s wings like it was a walk in the park.

Sadly while he shows the ability to be able to do what he wants he much rather have his share of fun relishing in the disharmony he has made, which does make him overconfident but he has a right to be so. If he wanted he could easily wipe them from existence with a snap of the finger.

Got to give it up to his voice actor as well, providing a great voice for him. John de Lancie (Aka Q from Star Trek TNG) does a damn good job voicing him. Very entertaining to listen.

Though, one of the most confusing things with his debut is in the beginning. We meet the CMC and their classmates meeting Discord for the first time in stone. Suddenly there’s a rift in their friendship and they fight amongst themselves which is the key to Discord’s release.

I can believe that, however. It never explains why they suddenly fought each other. Were they under Discord’s influence, did they just hit a rough patch before hand? Nothing is said, but if it’s that easy to release him I doubt it’s the last we’ve seen of him.

Great villain and great VA. What more could you need?

Episode 2: The Return of Harmony Part 2:

A solid ending to the Discord saga, though can I really call it a saga for only lasting Two 22 minute episodes? Though the build up to the end is a little ho hum.

Honestly, I don’t get how Twilight thought the answers to the location of the Elements would be in her Tree house since that’s not where she began, and Discord said “Twists and turns are my master plan. Then find the Elements back where you began”. She began at Canterlot, that’s where the Elements should’ve been, it is her home town after all.

The idea that Twilight could easily use magic to return her friends to normal is asking a bit much, though why she never thought about it in the first place is easy to explain. She probably thought that her friends were breaking down and becoming jerks from just not liking each other anymore, not from Discord’s influence. It took a re-jogging of her memory of the time she’s had with her friends to realize that she can salvage it and then she figure out a spell to do it.

I do like how Discorded Rainbow Dash sounded, though you don’t get her into the episode till near the end and I enjoyed the world that Discord imagine for Ponyville, deep down he named it 4Chan plus the pranks he was pulling with the characters was fun.

Speaking of Discorded characters, I would’ve liked to seen more of the residents “Discorded”. Where were the Cutie mark crusaders? They’re the ones who started this, they should’ve been in this episode where we see them get their cutie marks. Only to have it vanish once Discord was defeated. That would’ve been hilarious.

The final fight between our heroine felt rushed, there could’ve been a much needed duel before they got to use the Elements, but they figured why bother when you can just one shot kill him with a rainbow and everything will be good. Those damn Elements are so overpowered.

Overall a great two parter, though a bit rushed in tiding everything up to the end. I’d have to give it to Part 1 a bit more for building up and pace, but Part 2 had more Discord and that was great, also it had a Star wars reference as well.

Episode 3: Lesson Zero:

Now we’re really in Season 2, and how they show that fact is with an updated intro and song. The town has become a lot livelier then before, but mostly stays the same. I’m indifferent about it, personally I kind of prefer the theme to season 1 a bit more. That’s just me.

An enjoyable episode for Twilight sparkle who breaks down because she hasn’t sent a letter to the Princess and BOY does she break down. She goes psychotic to try and make a problem just so she can make the deadline. It’s hilarious to see her go insane with the CMC and then the entire town all for a letter.

Spike was awesome in the episode since he breaks the fourth wall by moves panels and popping thought bubbles like a boss, he also kept a cool head and kept telling Twilight to not overreact about this little issue. He gets some points for this.

Other highlights are Big Macintosh learning to say Nope, Derpy and the Mayor fighting for Smarty pants (Twilight’s childhood doll that she enchants so everyone wants her) and Rarity being a drama queen.

This is also the beginning of a new trend for the series where the main characters each write their own letter about their findings, and not just Twilight. A good twist to this, makes it more interesting. So it gives us a chance to spend more time with a specific character and see what they've learned.

I can’t really think of anything bad about this episode. I found it to be really good.

Episode 4: Luna Eclipsed:

Before Season 2 started I wanted to see more holiday based episodes, most of which was Halloween. Lucky me I get my Halloween episode with an even bigger gift with it.

Two major characters FINALLY return for this Episode. Zecora, our rhyming Zebra, and more importantly, Princess Luna! Whom we haven’t seen for over a season ago.

It’s great to see her again, and she’s gone through a new design. Her hair looks better, more like her Sister’s but also her form of Nightmare moon, and it’s a hoot to see her stuck acting like she would a thousand years ago, like shouting everything in the Royal canterlot voice and having trouble adjusting, also talking with “Thee and Thou” in her sentences.

What I don’t get is why many of the characters react to Luna as though she’s still Nightmare moon. Clearly after the end of the show’s premiere we see everyone welcoming Luna in cheers and flowers, yet somehow they’ve forgotten. Except Pinkie pie (who reacts the way she does because to her it’s fun being scared) and Twilight, who knows Luna is not her Evil self anymore.

A sort of new character named Pipsqueak is introduced in this episode and only this episode. A young boy pony from Troddingham, somewhere in Equestria where they speak like the British. I don’t really care for him, but he seems to be popular with some fans. Oh well, he wasn’t an annoyance in this episode, but he wasn’t all that interesting. *shrugs*

Other then him this is another enjoyable episode, and one of my favorites of the season because Luna finally makes her return. I hope to see her more often, and as I’m typing this, in the Season Finale episode (this was typed on April 17th)

Episode 5: SisterHooves Social:

Rarity gets some of the best episodes this season, and she became a more likable character for the series for me, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

For the first, but second time, we get to see one of the Mane 6’s parents (we were shown Twilight’s parents in Cutie Mark Chronicles, but that was in a flashback) and Rarity and Sweetie belle’s folks couldn’t be any more different.

I can’t help but laugh at Sweetie belle’s attempt at making breakfast, where she burns everything. Which is to expect with kids and cooking, but she managed to burn juice. Only one thing can be said

Much like the Sleepover episode from the first season this one is obviously geared more to girls, what with being about Sisters and all, but just like the Sleepover, I like this episode a lot.

Rarity grows as a character to not be so uptight to even your own sibling and learns that even if you don’t get along with a Sister or Brother, they’re there with you for life and you should be thankful.

Sweetie belle is, as usual, adorable. She tries so hard to please her that she makes more of a mess then what was already laid out. Though they end up doing good in the end which is a cheap shot.

With this being an episode about Sisters, Applejack and Apple Bloom help ease the two together as well. They didn’t do too much, but the episode wouldn’t have been the same without them. Since Applejack helps Rarity realize how important it is to be there for her Sister, and Apple Bloom shows Sweetie belle that Sisters can have fun and be friends.

Another solid episode all the same.

Episode 6: The Cutie Pox:

Big Lebowski in My Little pony? Yes sir. Told you this show isn’t JUST for kids.

Tough to get some thoughts on this episode. I enjoy the CMC and Apple bloom so I don’t have any overbearing qualms with this, but there are some nitpicks.

I do enjoy the relationship between Zecora and Apple Bloom. Zecora is a good teacher who can teach AB a lot of lessons in getting her Cutie mark, but being a kid, Apple bloom isn’t patient enough to wait.

The different Cutie marks that show up and her performing them is neat, but takes a bit too much screen time. Mainly during her first two marks, they’re fun to watch but go on for a while.

Just to add filler. It's certainly a sight to behold to watch ponies try to bowl, when they lack fingers to use to grip a ball. Yet they seem to be able to pull it off with ease, since there's specific Background ponies who have bowling related cutie marks, even one who earns theirs for bowling.

Sure, Scootalo kicks at it, with bad results, Apple bloom puts it in her mouth to toss it. How is this I don't even. Hell, Sweetie belle just rolls it with her front hoof. Makes one wonder how many ways other ponies have figured out to bowl.

One thing though, they said Cutie pox are a disease that has no known cure, yet from what it sounds like, Apple bloom made it happen by taking one of Zecora's brews. So I guess that means that Zecora could make any disease possible. Pretty scary concept.

Sadly this will be a short review, it’s a decent episode all in all. I enjoyed the message for Apple bloom, the teacher student relationship with Zecora and Apple bloom, which I hope they further expand in the next season.

Episode 7: May the best pet win:

Finally a Rainbow Dash episode with an awesome music number we’ll get too later. The funny thing is, this is the first time the show’s been influenced by the toy line. Since Rainbow Dash gets a pet Turtle, and before this episode aired she had a turtle in one of her toys

Thankfully it doesn’t make this episode unbearable to watch, and Tank the tortoise is a likable pet all the same. It is a little hammy that he wins anyway though.

This is, however, the start of a thing that I don’t like about Rainbow dash following this episode. Her cocky attitude. It’s not as bad here as it will be in the next episode, but she’s gotten a lot more full of herself, and while I like her for her sporty personality, it can get obnoxious to have her trying to be the center of attention when that’s The Great and Powerful Trixie’s job

Most of the episode I liked for the most part, but a lot is pretty meh, like the competition with the outfits and talent show. What? A duck tap dancing? Now I’ve seen everything.

The different competitions Dash has them go through to prove their merits are understandable, except for ones for something like Radicalness. The final race is entertaining in some parts, but confusing. Why the heck are there Eels that live in the rocks?

All in all okay episode but not one of Dash’s best, but better then the next episode.

Sing, Sing a song

Find a pet

Wonderful duet between Fluttershy and Rainbow dash. I would love to see more with these two. Though it’s not consistent, it changes a number of times but is still enjoyable.

Fluttershy has many adorable faces and I just love Rainbow Dash’s singing voice, which makes sense because her VA is a singer in a band, Hey Ocean!.

Episode 8: The Mysterious Mare do-well

Here we go. I’d have to add this with Bird in the hoof as one of my least favorite episodes. Couldn’t really stand Rainbow dash’s cockiness and the secret of Mare do well wasn’t all that much of a shocker for me.

So it makes for a pretty blah episode, it starts off okay, but so many problems I have.

I mean, Dash doesn’t start out being an attention horse, but she soon lets it all go to her head and becomes too full of herself, which I’ve said before. Dash does give one of the most adorable blushes ever though :3

As for Mare do-well. The costume is good, reminds me of Darkwing Duck, but the identity was not a surprise
The moment before Mare do-well showed up we see Applejack and Twilight looked at each other like they had a plan, I knew it was them, it was also silly how they brought back the Pinkie sense.

What’s stupid is one sudden act of heroism and the town suddenly forgets Rainbow Dash and then only have love for Mare do-well, they even set a parade for her, yet none for Rainbow dash. WTH!?! My guess was that the Mayor was in on this, maybe the whole town? That sounds crazy though, so it's far more possible that the Mayor was in.

Either way, didn’t like this episode that much IMO

Episode 9: Sweet and elite:

Rarity’s second episode for the season and it’s another good one. This time we get to see what life is like for the Unicorns that live in Canterlot, and it doesn’t disappoint. You see many uptight characters, who even talk in that cliché rich person type of way.

At least we get one resident who’s the best of all the uptight unicorns and that’s Fancy Pants (pictured above), best male character in the show since Big Macintosh. He’s a swell fellow who doesn’t think he’s better then anyone because of his status, which is a mystery at the moment.

On the other hand, we see Prince Blue Blood during Rariy’s song and I guess Rarity forgot everything that happened between them, since she didn’t try to beat him to a pulp on sight as I would expect, not even when standing side by side to christen a ship. Trollestia must’ve been at play and wiped everyone’s memory from the Gala

While it was a bit much for Rarity to get caught up in the moment of attention, I say she had to right to do so. Popularity like that doesn’t come too often for someone like her, and she does have a line of fashion to promote. So it was nice to see her act like a Canterlot pony, even though it did keep her from her duties to help with Twilight’s birthday.

It was also an experience of another kind to see just how different Conterlot Ponies are to Ponyville Ponies. Especially when it comes to how each does parties. Twilight’s horrid dancing reminds me of another character’s bad dancing, I won’t say who because it’s another show for kids that I enjoy watching.

All in all, good episode for Rarity, enjoyable and fun, it's great to have a new character who isn't a jerk to Rarity.

Sing, Sing a song

I'm the type of pony everypony should know (AKA Becoming popular)

I very much like Rarity’s singing voice, but here you can really tell it’s two different people, one doing regular voice work, then a second doing singing, but it’s still good.

It’s catchy to say the least.

Episode 10: Secret of my excess:

Spike’s first episode of the season, and much better then his last one, Owl’s well that ends well, plus this gives a kick start on the Spike x Rarity romance.

I don’t know much about Dragons so this is an interesting little information to see Spike become greedy on his birthday and then becoming more like a full grown dragon. This would explain the hoarding problem with the two Dragons from the 1st season. His adult Dragon form though is a bit odd looking. Differs from the one we saw in Cutie mark chronicles when he was born, when Twilight had a Magic Spasm and made him huge.

A bit of a personal plug I have to give a shout out to this episode for having my favorite Background pony Junebug introduced. Sure she was only in this episode, but I find her voice soothing to listen to. Tongue

Enough of that. Good episode for Spike, sort of good episode for Rarity, even though she did kind of trick Spike into giving up his Birthday dinner, a Fire ruby, just to see her happy, and Rarity is supposed to represent the Element of Generosity, har har har.

Not a good showing of the Wonderbolts, proving that only Rainbow dash can do something and get it done. The Wonderbolts, they'll just do something and fail at it. Then act like they did a good job and not acknowledge they didn't do jack and fly away.

Not a lot of highlights about this, the only big thing with it is the relationship between Spike and Rarity growing. Fluttershy still being afraid of Dragons is fun to watch as well.

Episode 11: Hearth’s Warming Eve:

For the show's only Christmas episode what’s the best story they can do? It certainly isn’t learning the meaning of Christmas, since they don’t call it here, or probably have it for that matter. Nope, it’s to learn the founding of Equestria.

I find it difficult to believe that before Celestia and Luna came to be that there were Unicorns that raised the Sun and the Moon. What happen right before the Princesses showed up? Did that ability just vanished or something? This make less sense because at the end they suggest the flag for Equestria is the same that was shown in the first episode of season 1 that had Luna and Celestia

I do wonder if Wendigos are what cause winters now in that show. I guess not since Pegasus have to control the weather anyway.

It was a decent play all the same, but there’s obvious holes in the story.

We’re never told whatever happened to all the other ponies that lived in the land before the 6 moved. My guess is they all freeze to death. As the Nostalgia critic would say; You know, For kids!

Episode 12: Family Appreciation day:

Mixed feelings with this episode. I enjoy watching Apple bloom and I feel for her with being embarrassed by Grannie smith. I’m sure many people were probably embarrassed by their family members when they were young and had to bring them in to talk in front of a class. I’m not much of a fan of Grannie Smith in this episode. She comes off as crazy with harvesting Zap apples, even though she’s right in her ways of doing it.

Speaking of... Zap apples are fucking awesome! I love how they’re harvested, with all the different steps to them blooming and getting their color. The history of the founding of Ponyville is an interesting story as well. Better then the story of the founding of Equestria.

I like Diamond Tiara but she acts more of a bitch this time then other times I’ve seen her, thankfully her Dad isn’t the same, though he does come off as a bit conceited. Having everyone call him Rich instead of Filthy, since his name is Filthy rich.

Best part, IMO, was seeing Sweetie Belle getting shocked from the Zap apple trees before they were ready to be picked. That is funny. Gets me every time.

More on Grannie smith. She looked good in her youth, though how she came up with these ideas to please Zap Apple jam is beyond me. Pink Polka dots, screaming at glass jars? I don’t think she explained the point of wearing the rabbit suit and jumping over water while singing to it. Unless I just didn’t pay attention.

It’s a good episode but something about it I just can’t put my finger on it. I guess I’m not big of hearing Grannie Smith talking for long periods of time.

P.S. Apple Bloom in a bunny suit is adorable

Episode 13: Baby Cakes:

Pinkie’s first episode of the season, and an introduction to two new characters. With all those silly baby toys out, this is a good episode to show kids that taking care of baby is not how they show on the commercials. A lot of effort is used to take care of a new born baby.

Course the first thing fans questioned is how two Earth ponies could give birth to not only a Unicorn pony, but also a Pegasus. They expected us to believe that it’s because of relatives way in the past who were either a Pegasus or Unicorn, which is plausible. Does come with the name that escapes me at the moment of Genetics that lay dormant inside the human body.

Anyway, I already like the two baby ponies already, simply for the fact that they’re adorable as heck and it’d be fun to see them more often. Speaking of adorable, I can’t help but enjoy Pinkie’s Monthiversary song, but her pig song is ehhh to me. Neither songs are long enough to warrant a separate area to talk about like Find a pet.

The slapstick is enjoyable here, to watch Pinkie struggle trying to calm them down, or to get them to bed. I’m sure other people have gone to great lengths to stop babies from crying before, but pouring flour over your head is not one I had given thought to.

Great episode for Pinkie and an episode that actually adds something new to the series.

New characters unlocked
Pound cake (left) and Pumpkin cake (right)

Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s twin babies. So adorable. Don’t ask about the screen, I just took it because I love their expressions to Pinkie’s pig song. The same expression I had when she was doing it.

I can’t wait to see how each of these two interact with their respective breed of ponies in future episodes. Like Rarity and Twilight teaching Pumpkin cake about spells and Rainbow dash flying with Pound cake.

I like them already, but it’s surprising to know that characters in this show do go to the bathroom because they had to have their diapers changed. Kind of creepy when you think about it.

Episode 14: The Last round up

Poor Applejack, she just can’t catch a break, gets her own episode in a long while and she gets bowled over by Derpy, hence why the Screen cap is of Derpy and nothing Applejack. The episode is what fans are going to remember the most, and that’s Derpy being called Derpy and her first real speaking role.

Even without the sudden pants staining that was Derpy, this was an okay episode. I still am not a big fan of Applejack, but I don’t hate her, I’m still waiting for an episode where she can kick some ass, until then….Who else but Derpy?

This episode introduces a new western town that Applejack goes too to work a job for a Cherry picking pony, and we get another example of Ponies going to the bathroom. I guess this new town, called Dodge junction, has no relation to Appleloosa from last season.

Pinkie pie is a riot, showing what happens if you break a Pinkie promise, and creating a new food item, Chimi cherry changa. Well, maybe it's been around before, and her moment of suddenly falling on Rarity is a hoot.

About the only other highlights to this episode are the I love Lucy reference, and Pinkie pie going crazy over Applejack breaking a Pinkie promise. So, all in all, okay episode, not as good as the next, better applejack episode

Other things to say is that Derpy's big moment cause controversy with how she talk, with the added fact that she has derped eyes. People thought she was portrayed as mentally retarded because of how she spoke.

Tabitha St. Germain, voice of Rarity, provided the voice and she thought Derpy was a boy whole she voiced her. Which explains why he sounds that way, I guess. It caused such a controversy that Hasbro had to change her moment for iTunes. By removing her name being mentioned, and changed her voice as well.

Strangely enough, this was not changed in the DVD. Weird.

Episode 15: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Much better episode for Applejack, with her sticking it to Celestia. Loved the adversaries as well, the Flim Flam Brothers. They’re like male versions of Trixie, cocky and full of themselves, but unlike Trixie, they can actually walk the walk.

Their method of cider making was much faster and still tasted goo, as evidence by Granny smith expression during the song. Shame they got so arrogant during the competition that they chose quantity over quality and doomed their fates. Had they just kept going like they did I’m sure they’ve would still won.

The Brothers easily reminded me of those classic smooth talking salesmen, like in the Monorail episode of the Simpsons, they dress fancy, and wear awesome hats. Shame they’re a one shot character though. I’d love to see cameos of them again in an add for their cider or something

Applejack and the entire Apple family were a hoot. Apple bloom is such a sucker, but an enjoyable one. It’s cute to see her get caught up in the moment and doesn’t think for herself. Then when the time comes she tries to boast.

Applejack had one of the best endings this series has had so far. In the end she learned nothing, and flaunt it in her letter. Even though she was nearing defeat and know she would’ve lost without help. Grannie Smith and Big Macintosh were just there, Big mac more so. Grannie Smith played the grumpy person who thinks her way is better.

All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. Great music number, fun “Villains” and a hilarious ending.

Sing, Sing a song

Flim Flam brothers

I love this song, catchy as heck, and great singing between the brothers. Rainbow dash was a hoot with her love for cider. Also got to give it to Grannie Smith for doing some good singing too.

Supposed to be an homage to the Music man, and it shows in how they sing, and what it promotes.

Episode 16: Read it and weep

After the fiasco with Rainbow dash in Mare do-well, it’s nice to see her trying to relax after an accident. Not a whole lot happens and I like that. Most of the episode we have her reading a book on a character that’s like Indiana Jones.

Well, more like we see her imagining what’s happening in the book. It’s decent. I had more fun with Rainbow dash in the Hospital then what’s going on in the book. Then again I don’t read much. Terrible attention span for books that aren’t comics or Graphic novels. Tongue

My favorite part is Rainbow Dash sneaking back into the Hospital for the book pretending to be Solid snake, she’s so cute in that outfit. Makes her look more like a cat then a pony though.

As for Daring Do. Even though she’s just a palate swap of Rainbow dash, right down to her mane being different shades of grey. She’s likable, to say the least. I doubt kids are gonna know what a Ahuizotl is, I sure as heck didn’t so that’s a reference that’ll fly by many peoples heads. The design for the Ahuizotl is rather silly looking to me, not menacing enough.

All in all, probably my favorite Rainbow Dash episode for the season, I would’ve been fine with just watching her relaxing in the Hospital.

Episode 17: Hearts and Hooves day

Oh yeah, this episode can be pretty vomit inducing. It’s so schmaltzy and cheesy, but only at around the 11 minute mark, but it’s still enjoyable. The CMC are a riot to watch, and somehow I enjoy Scootaloo the most in this episode, Apple Bloom and Sweetie belle were great as well.

They had their heart in the right place, and it's cure what they went through to make the love potion/poison. They just shouldn't have meddle in the affairs to grown ups. It's better to be forever alone Very Happy

Even while I wanted to puke over Cherliee and Big Macintosh’s baby talk to each other, it’s funny, in a very weird way. Apple Bloom shares the same reaction I have. Hah

Not a lot to say, if you’re not much of a romancing kind of person with shows, this is not something watch. I like it more for the CMC though. Seeing Big Macintosh act like Pepé le pew is funny, to me at least.

Sing, Sing a song

The Perfect stallion

Sweetie belle’s singing voice is great to listen to, Apple Bloom is very odd. Scootaloo gets off easily without really having to sing.

Cute song, and it’s odd to see how many weird looking stallions there are. But we are given the man, the myth, the legend, [url= ]Hugh Jelly[/url]

Episode 18: A friend in deed:

My favorite Pinkie pie Episode for the season, she’s at her most Pinkie-ness this time, and I’m sure it’ll annoy a lot of people, but I enjoyed it. She’s in full force for singing and randomness this time. So if you’ve been waiting for a true Pinkie episode, this is the best of the best.

Cranky, our Donkey in the screen cap, is a great guy. I’d imagine myself to be like him when I get old and just want some peace and quiet. He easily represents people who probably find Pinkie intolerable and Him and Pinkie make a great duo.

The Jokes for Pinkie are top notch, course it also comes from her trying hard to make friends with Cranky.

The only tiny beef I have is the resolution was sudden, with Cranky finding his friend without even trying, since it was all Pinkie’s doing. If you know your clichés well you’d know the rule of “random character introduced for one episode will have an impact later on” applies here.

As for Pinkie’s songs, they’re all enjoyable. Her big one, which I’ll get to later, is one of the best in the season. Cranky doodle Donkey was cute, and they really used the Yankee doodle dandy bits in this episode. Her welcome song I enjoyed more, since she sung in the same fashion as with the Monthiversary, and I really like how she sings in that.

Overall a good episode.

Sing, Sing a song

Smile Smile Smile

Interesting note was this song was leaked MONTHS before the actual episode premiered, and boy was Hasbro and Daniel Ingram (Music director for the show) not happy about this. The second it was leaked youtube had them up in a jiffy.

Finally the episode premiered and it was worth the wait. While the song is simple, it’s incredibly good. Easily puts a smile on your face faster then the Joker with a knife. Defiantly one of the best songs in the series

Episode 19: Putting your Hoof down:

Fluttershy’s first episode in the season, and….it was okay. She gets a better one down the road. I really wanted to shoot Angel for being such a dick in this episode. Pinkie pie was great doing the Rabbit Season Duck season gag. Haven’t seen that in a long time

Iron Will is a peculiar character. I enjoy that he has the cheesy 90s or 80s wrestlers inside of him. Over exaggerating his words and stances, and even saying “I pity the foal”.

Personally I prefer Rainbow Dash to teach Fluttershy assertiveness, but Iron will is cool. Took me a while to like him though. He voice reminds me of Hercule from DBZ, but apparently Chris Rager (Hercules’ VA) did not voice him. Shame

Watching Fluttershy becoming a brute, again, is pretty hilarious, if out of character, but it’s fun to watch he beat up on everyone and shouting Iron will’s catchphrases.

The more I watch it, the more I like it, but for Fluttershy it’s not the best she has for the season. It's good to see her stand up for herself, though she took it too far with Iron will's teachings, thankfully she realizes the error in her ways the returns to her soft spoken self, but retains some amount of assertiveness.

So at least she grew as a character. All in all enjoyable episode for the over-exaggeration from Iron will and Pinkie pie, who else?

Episode 20: It’s About Time

Ohohohohoho. This is going to be fun!

First off, I love Time Travel. It’s my favorite Science fiction theme. I’m an absolute sucker for it. Loved Back to the future franchise, loves Sonic CD, just about anything that has time Travel involved I enjoy.

Unless I noticed gaping plot holes involving it, and boy does this have some.

The obvious is Future Twilight’s warning for Present Twilight. This warning about a great disaster, turns out it didn’t happen and it was all a big fuss over nothing. Which is what future Twilight wanted to say but couldn’t because present Twilight wouldn’t let her.

Well I say there probably was a great disaster which set off this chain of events. The Disaster was probably the whole Cerberus escaping Tartarus, but thanks to Twilight I was averted which made her believe the great disaster was nothing after all.

Now allow me to explain further. The Twilights we have this episode aren’t the first or second in time loop. Twilight 1 did go through a great Disaster, my guess being the Tartarus deal, so did in fact travel back in time to warn past Twilight, or Twilight 2.

Twilight 2 of course questions the scientific possibility of time travel which causes Twilight 1’s warning to no being explained. So as Twilight 2 vanishes, and Twilight 1 is left to wonder what the disaster is. Which gives her more time to be ready for when it happens. So when Cerberus shows up she knew instantly to send him back so the great evils can’t escape.

However, because of this Twilight 2 never had to go through the great disaster because it never actually happened for her. So she believed that maybe it was just a big hooey from Twilight 1. So when Twilight 2 discovered Time Travel she decided to do the same and send a different message to not worry about the disaster to Twilight 3 (2nd Twilight in the past).

Causing an endless time loop which leads all the way up to the episode in question and my guess is, out of random, the future Twilight is #34 warns our Twilight (#35) about it too. Now near the end of it all and it never happens and if Twilight 35 hadn’t gone back in time to warn to Twilight 36 to not worry, the Disaster WOULD’VE happened.

Time Travel is quite a complicated matter

Now how would it explain Twilight 35 ending up looking like Twilight 34? Coincidence far as I can tell. She’ll get the same scars and look no matter what, but from different causes.

So with that out of the way, the Episode! Besides that confusing bit of time travel mess. It’s a decent episode. Twilight is a hoot seeing her freak-out, in a different way then from Lesson zero.

Episode 21: Dragon Quest

Spike’s other episode. Seems every episode he has is always informative about Dragons there. Spike really shines, leaving home to discover himself as a dragon. So he goes to meet up with the others who migrated to see if he fit in.

All the other Dragons that show up look neat, and the Teenage Dragons obviously come off as jerks. Which is come to expect from Teens in general. Tongue Weird to see the two dragons from season 1 back in this one, but my guess is they’re not the same. It’s just easier to make them look alike.

Twilight, Rarity and Dash make for one funny costume, more so that there’s an actual dragon of the same design. Sure, that’s plot convenience at best but it’s none the less funny.

Spike getting a pet Phoenix is going to be very interesting in the next season.

Overall, a good episode for Spike, and good episode all around.

Episode 22: Hurricane Fluttershy:

On one hand it’s good to see Fluttershy get over her fears, on the other it was kind of annoying to see her overact so much. I know she’s a scaredy pony but it didn’t help she just kept going “Woe is me” through most of the episode.

Aw well. At least it gave us some new Background to like. Like the Silver hair Twins, my favorite being Flitter, and a pony that proves Steroids exists and they’ll shrink your wings if you use them. I also like Bloosomforth for her colors. Did I just say that?

It was surprise to see the episode begin with an old film reel, with all the fixings. Just the idea they have movies that old and a projector to play them on is a little unsettling.

Something I don’t get is that Spitfire shows up but doesn’t help in the slightest. Maybe because she’s not a resident of Ponyville so she’s not allowed to help, but who’s going to know?

I enjoy the Training montage. Thought it had a good song to it.

More enjoyable then Putting your hoof down, but so far Fluttershy hasn’t had the best episodes this season

Episode 23: Ponyville confidential

Quite possibly my favorite episode of the season, maybe the series so far and its of the CMC. Of all characters.

So many things I enjoy about. Diamond Tiara is not as much of a bitch in this one, and is nice to the Crusaders, when they do what she wants. They mention Trixie, though this is all we’ll get for this season. The different gossips are pretty funny, and Rainbow Dash trying to act soft is adorable.

I do find it confusing they make words in the paper barely legible, or write in such an odd way. Like with the title, you can see it in English but it barely says the title correctly.

It's fun to see how the lives of ponyville live when no one's watching, like seeing Celestia eating cake, Applejack sleeping on the job, and even a mention of Big Macintosh and Smart pants from the 3 episode.

Rarity overreacting to Gabby gum's article on her is great, same with Rainbow dash trying to grab every newspaper that was about her getting a Hooficure.

One final thing is it was super to see Big Macintosh saw something other then Yep or Nope, good for Big Mac, and good for his VA as well.

No qualms I have about this episode. Lost of fun to watch, and overall my favorite of the season

Episode 24: MMMystery on the Friendship Express

As far as Mystery stories go, this is pretty basic. For only having a half hour to tell a story it won’t leave you gasping at the results.

Besides that it’s alright episode. Pinkie pie was up to her usual antics, and I like the chemistry with her and Twilight acting like Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

My favorite part was Rarity. Sporting her hair over one of her eyes. Personally it’s one of my favorite fashions for a girl, instantly raises the sexy level of a girl in seconds.

Cool to see Donut Joe back, though I could’ve sworn he lives in Canterlot, where the contest for deserts was taking place, so why he had to be on a train to Canterlot is a mystery in of itself. It was also neat to see another Griffon after we haven’t seen Gilda in the entire season, though why he’s French is a good question. Lastly Mulia Mild who was a reference to chef Julia Child was good. Though how many Mules live in Ponyville?

The references they made to James bond and Snidely Whiplash was enjoyable as well. Heck it’s nice to see new cartoons pay homage to the old stuff. Wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them.

All in all, not a bad episode, but not one of Pinkie’s best.

Episode 25: A Canterlot Wedding part 1:

So here we are again at the season finale. This time it’s an hour long special, so hopefully they’ll have more time to get everything more stretched out and not rushed, and we can spend more time learning.

One mistake they did is in the beginning. The announcement of Twilight’s Big brother Shining Armor. Now this isn’t the first time he’s been revealed, months ago during the 2nd season Hasbro had a big MLP party area somewhere that had showed Shining Armor and Princess Cadence early.

Problem with this is Shining Armor was never mentioned before by Twilight in the first season, or by anyone in both seasons. I don’t know why they waited till the season finale to make that announcement, but it seems half assed.

Still…he’s not a bad character. I like him, but his voice sounds really surfer-ish (you know the way cartoons portray surfers or hippies?) so I didn’t ended up hating him because of it, but they could’ve set him up better.

ANYWAY, as for the actual episode;

I like the joke on how BFF is a stupid thing. Since they even the characters couldn’t understand PFF (pony friend forever).

I question why they took a train to Canterlot, when in the last season finale they took a Horse drawn carriage for the Gala, but in this season they took a train to it in Hearth’s warming eve, and this episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if next season we see them flying to it in their balloon.

Because this was an episode based in Canterlot, I was hoping we’d see Princess Luna make a Cameo in it, and we do, but she only shows up 3 times, and doesn’t get very many lines. Once again she gets the short end of the stick to his Sister.

Shining Armor, though, got the even shorter end. While he plays a major part in this special, he gets pushed aside for Princess Cadance, since this is a little girl’s show first and foremost the producers probably think the girls would much rather watching a Princess then Twilight’s brother

I enjoyed the pacing in this. It didn’t feel like it was rushing through everything, unlike the 2nd half, which I’ll get into. It all felt well in place, the preparing of the catering, reception, dress etc… Other then the sudden Brother deal, it’s a good first half. We get our new characters, learned about their past and relationship with Twilight, and left at a good cliff hanger for the 2nd half.

Sing, sing a song

Big brother, best friend forever

Now I don’t hate kids songs, but man I can’t really stand this one. It’s so cheesy. It doesn’t start bad, but when the Mane 6 joins in does it make me want to vomit.

I’m probably just overreacting.

Granted, the more I listen to it, it starts to grow on me, but it’s still the weakest in this special.

Episode 26: A Canterlot wedding part 2:

Now this is where it gets good. So we find out the Cadance we see in the first half is evil, then we learn she was just an impostor who trapped the real one, down in the same caves she sends Twilight to. Add to the fact that she allowed Twilight to find the real Cadance she just sealed her fate. Don’t you just hate it when Villains do that?

I love Evil Cadance, she makes great faces during the caves scene, and in the music number (followed after this segment). Evil Cadance was enjoyable anyway through out the episode, and still was when she revealed her true self, I’ll reveal later

Now the pacing for this felt faster. What with Twilight finding the real Cadance without trying, escaping the evil Brides maids (though how makes sense it still felt like it went by too quickly), why was there a bouquet of flowers there, and making it to stop the wedding all went by quickly. Luckily after the it’s back to a normal pace, so at least it doesn’t felt too rushed to reach the end.

That’s not a bad thing per se, because it does give us more time to get to see action, and the villain shine.

Speaking of…Changelings, interesting idea for why there’s a double, I didn’t see it coming, then again I didn’t want to be spoiled of anything to do with it till the episode premiered. I would’ve liked to know more about them, like where they reside, why they need love, and how the Queen (Chrysalis), never had her name mentioned but apparently it’s in the script, managed to sneak her way in and make the real Cadance vanish with no one questioning.

Before I get into Queen Chrysalis, I want to talk about Cadance, since I didn’t rally say much in the other episode. Since we had a fake in that one we never get to see the real one till this, and I like her. Why she’s an Alicorn like Luna and Celestia, AND being Celestia and Luna’s Niece is a mystery which I doubt we’ll ever see, but it opens up the question of how many Alicorns actually exist.

I enjoy Evil Cadance more in this episode, but once Chrysalis was dealt with, I like Cadance hanging with the Mane 6, mainly her dancing with Pinkie. I like her design as well, but the fact that her ability it to say to hell with hate and make people fall back in love without consent is a bit of a stretch. Otherwise, I like her.

Now for Queen Chrysalis. This is exactly the reason why Lauren Faust made the ruler of Ponyvlle a Princess instead of a queen, as evidence in this episode and many Disney movies, queens are evil. Duh!

She’s got a really interesting design with holes in her legs, insect wings and a malnourished body. Her children are generic looking, I guess that’s why they’d much prefer to look like someone else instead. It’s easier to make a large group of creatures look the same, so no big deal. How no one suddenly notice a swarm of black ponies hovering over a bubble until Chrysalis said so is beyond me.

By far the most hilarious part in this is Celestia trying, and I emphasize that, to fight Chrysalis off and gets her ass royally handed to her, by the power of love, that chrysalis is feeding off Shining armor. Sure she’s over a thousand years old, but she proves she’s not that strong anymore since she couldn’t beat her own Sister, didn’t do jack with Discord, and when it was time to fight she gets beaten like it was nothing.

Epic fail

So with Celestia owned it’s up to our heroes to save the day, but not without a great battle against themselves, changelings. Great idea, and we actually get to see some fighting on a kids show. Got to like that they didn’t get the elements all that easily, and were defeated anyway.

As far as villain defeats go, this is a sad way to be beaten, by the power of love, only thing worse is by Captain Planet, or by Ma ti’s heart ring, but it gives the impression that this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. So I look forward to seeing chrysalis back.

All that’s left is the real wedding, after party and the end. Standard, but enjoyable stuff.

So overall, a really really good season finale, that trumps the last one, and closes a solid season.

Sing, sing a song

This day Aria

Disney, eat your heart out. Terrific villain song, and my favorite in the entire season.

Britt McKillip (voice of Cadance) sings brilliantly as both Evil and Good Cadance, and I love the side by side singing where Evil Cadence sings her thoughts, then Good Cadance sings roughly the same verse but with different lyrics. Really smart.

Only qualm is it’s a little short, but boy is it catchy. Great Lyrics as well

Love is in bloom

I like it, for a kid’s pop song about love it’s catchy. Singing is fine, and it’s not as cheesy as BBBFF.

People like it more because we get shipping in it, and also the reveal of DJ Pon-3’s eyes. Which I believe has caused uproar after that. Sad that something as small as eyes can make people mad.

After thoughts:

With that, another season has come and gone. So the only question left is;

How does it compare to Season 1, is it better, worse, just right?

Unfortunately the answer is dependable to how you like your ponies. Personally I thought the zaniness of Season 2 in comparison to season 1 was toned down. I can't really explain but something about Season 2 didn't have the same feel as Season 1. Maybe I'm just pulling something out of my ass to sound like I know what I'm talking about.

I do believe Season 2 could be used to get fans in easier then Season 1, since some potential fans probably didn't like what they saw of Season 1 because it was too silly. Yes, this Season is still silly, but could gather fans better because it was AS silly.

What the hell am I trying to say?

If you know I'm trying to get at then you're a lot smarter I'm showing at the moment with this.

Now let me talk about what I liked and didn't about this season in comparison to season 1

What I liked;

More original episodes, I felt there wasn't as much rehashed plots this time. The writers did a good job in making some creative episodes that I haven't seen used before, or been done to death already by others.

Better character development. We get Rarity and Sweetie belle grow closer as Sisters, Big Macintosh grow more then just a one liner pony, we move on from having only Twilight send letters to the Princess to every character that matters to the show, which also adds to the more creative episode pro, and Fluttershy becoming less of a door matt to people.

Better villains. While we did have antagonists like Trixie and Gilda in season 1, I see Nightmare Moon has more of a serious threat to the characters and show. Here we get the excellent Discord, and the interesting Queen Chrysalis of the changelings. They were more interesting to watch then Nightmare moon, since one of them was the strongest villain possibly of all time for the show, and the other wasn't even "Killed".

The Cutie mark Crusaders. We get less episodes focused on them this season, which I see as a good thing. Because they aren't the stars of the show. The Mane 6 are, but I always enjoy watching them just to see what silly ideas they come up with to try and get their cutie marks. Only thing I hope for with Season 3 is more episodes on them and the Season finale have them finally getting their Cutie marks.

What I didn't like;

Rainbow Dash and Applejack. As evident by the episodes I talked about, I felt Rainbow dash grew more obnoxious and self centered this season, and Applejack still gets shortchanged in her episodes, where she constantly gets outshine by other characters. I still love Rainbow dash the most ever after this season, but she wasn't as awesome or enjoyable as in Season 1. So I hope she doesn't act so full of herself in Season 3.

Applejack, IMO, still hasn't had a great episode on her yet. Her first one of this season she tossed aside for Derpy, and in her second I remember it more for the Flim Flam brothers then AJ. Though she does have the best ending letter for the show thus far. I'd like to see AJ try to have an episode not based on a trait we know she's good at or about her Southern-ness, or be about her family. Something involving being out of her element would be interesting.

The songs. Don't get me wrong, this season had good songs, but there was less of them, and, IMO, they weren't as memorable as the songs in the first season. Probably a personal preference to this. I do find myself singing "Find a pet", "Flim flam brothers" and "This day Aria" lately. However, much like my thoughts on how this season wasn't as silly as the first, it's the same with the songs.

Stuck in Ponyville. As far as I'm aware the show never really went to anywhere new outside their homes, or further expanded other places from season 1. The only new place we went to was Dodge Junction and that was just another old western looking town, and we didn't spent more time in a cherry factory, or outside of the city. I hope the next season further expands on new uncharted territory. I'd like to see where Griffons live, as an episode involving Gilda, or where Zecora came from. I'd love to see the characters go diving underwater for a secret treasure. Sure that would make no sense, but it would be a breath of fresh air compare to either staying in Ponyville or going to Canterlot all the time.

That's about all I got. If the next season can fix these complaints, which I doubt, I'm just one guy and has anyone EVER listen to the voice of one person, then I can see myself enjoying the show more then now, along with these;

Season 3 hopes:

With the return of Luna for this season I hope we can see the return of Trixie and Gilda. They were too interesting of characters to just forget about them. They pretty much left their episodes in a way that says "You haven't seen the last of me". I'd take Trixie over Gilda, just so I can see her possibly trump Twilight in a Magic contest.

No concern for villains. As enjoyable as it might be to have a villain for the show, I'd be just fine if it just takes it easy for a season and not concern itself with having to save Equestria from Villain of the day who shows he or she is capable but gets tossed around by the overpowered Elements of harmony begging the question why they don't use it from the beginning. You know, the Power ranger/Sailor moon syndrome.

I'd greatly enjoy an episode that give Background ponies a chance to shine. Mainly; Bon bon, Lyra, Derpy, Doctor Hooves, Carrot top, and Colgate. Either together, or seperate like 22 short films about Springfield from Simpsons.

Overall, I still really enjoyed this season, it didn't have the same magic that got me hooked like the first, but it did just fine that I don't feel that the charm is already gone. I look forward to see what adventures await our characters in the next season.

So that's all I have to say about the season, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed having to make it and always edit it to make sure it's not a pain to read, or poorly made. So leave comments on how you felt reading this, share your thoughts on the season as well, or specific episodes, or on what I've given.

As for the haters, if you're going to waste your time to thumb down this blog, at least try and leave a comment explaining why you don't like the show. Is that too much to ask?

Till next time, keep on gaming

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My little Pony: Friendship is magic Season 2 review :: Comments


Post on Wed May 02, 2012 11:45 pm by Necromagenvion

Uf, this is gonna take me a entire schedule to read it all, lol. Anyway, I just like to adress a few things:

1).-Boy, let me tell ya, I sure do love Chaos. Discord is proof of that.

2).-Drinks glass, toss chocolate, chocolate explodes. Your argument is invalid.

3).-I shat bricks the moment Fluttershy snapped that bear's neck. There were also priceless moments in that episode. I wonder if something of this kind of madness might happen at the beginning of Season 3.

4).-Noi, the would-be-like zombie and the Ermac pony. And the Mayor's dressed as a clown only made me relate her to Sweet Tooth.

5).-Nice surprise of seeing for the first time Rarity and Sweetie's parents.

6).-Parlez-vous français?

7).-The Ride of the Valkyries never fails to amaze.

Cool.-The Mayor was bribed. I know it.

9).-I don't know why, but hearing "Jane Doe" during the song caught me off-guard.

10).-Man, I was emotionally moved with that scene of Rarity and Spike falling to the ground.

11).-I did like the designs of the Wendigos, wish they were shown more often, but without exaggerating that.

12).-Two things: This episode let me knew capitalism is strong with Filthy Rich's idealism and that Granny Smith might be over 100 years old.

13).-I swear, watching Pound Cake on the ceiling reminds me of that R-Rated film of Trainspotting.

14).-Remember, remember, the 21st of January.

15).-Omitting the Moon part for obvious reasons, I wish they could've showed Celestia's expression when she discovered Applejack didn't learn anything.

16).-Ahuizotl might look silly but damn! When he eats, I mean, when he kills, he starts first with the flesh, then the entire face. Sometimes I wonder if he actually planned to that to Daring Do. Imagining that just gives me the creeps.

17).-Someone had died in this episode. There was a funeral and Sweetie Belle interrupted it.

18).-My favorite song of the entire season IMO. I also loved that felt scene inside Pinkie's mind. Dem creative people!

19).-Four things: Angel is an asshole. Iron Will is da boss. The brief 3D scene blew my mind. Pinkie's a giraffe.

20).-Once again, they referenced Starswirl the bearded and still nothing else told about that guy. Ponyville now has to deal with both Hell and the Everfree Forest.

21).-I was a bit dissapointed they didn't show female dragons (With the exception of Crackle), but I guess they have their own territory?

22).-Of course I enjoyed the guitar solo. I'm listening to it while I'm writing this.

23).-And from that day forward, Peter New (AKA Big Mac) became the richest man in the world.

24).-Malefic cliché villians, spies and ninjas. How much can I ask for?

25).-Can you imagine what would've happened if we had to wait for the next episode with that cliffhanger in our minds?

26).-The enormous fangs Chrysalis and her Changelings have made me believe at first they were vampires. Also, screw the goddamn, insignificant eye colors argument, let them be as they are.

According to Tara Strong, we'll go nuts in the third season for a "special" moment. Perhaps, even more than this season that had just ended (and for fuck's sakes, I don't wanna see another useless controversy).
I'm sure both Discord and Trixie WILL return, along with another villian (two maybe, one for the beginning, another for the finale) and, like you, I really hope they don't overuse the Elements of Armory, I mean, Harmony to defeat them.
And if I take that certain Spongebob episode where, for example, Applejack wakes up and realizes Ponyville is empty, I'm sure as hell I'll like that too much. There should be the Applejack show, hehehe.

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